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  • Activity: Creation and management of fully-outsourced e-commerce activities and development of cutting-edge omni-channel projects aimed at integrating physical POS with e-stores.

Through its proprietary technological platform, the Group integrates physical stores and e-stores – the client shall see no difference between the two.


A Fully-Outsourced business unit is capable of managing all of the activities related to e-commerce (from marketing to customer service) and, more specifically, the services provided by the BU are as follows:


Proprietary Technological Platform with a chance to extend to clients and tailor it on the basis of their needs.


Creation of E-stores: Creation of graphics, web design and usability of projects-


Sales and Orders Management: Management of all activities related to the invoicing of online sales.


Logistics and Shipments: Management of warehouses and clients shipments Giglio Group counts on 3 logistical bases: New Jersey, Shanghai and Italy.


Customer Care: Highly-professional, experienced and trained internal call-centre and customer service in 4 languages.

Giglio e-Distribution is engaged in a B2B activity fully dedicated to managing online sales on the world’s major marketplaces, both for on-season collections and off-season; as of now, the BU is particularly linked with the fashion sector, but it can be adapted to other sectors. As per Terashop’s BU, E-Distribution too can ensure a fully-outsourced service.

More specifically, Giglio e-Distribution’s activity is as follows:


  • Management of the brand’s online channel on a global scale
  • Management of goods in more continents based on commercial hubs and logistical bases
  • Inventory management
  • Production support for depletion of raw materials and/or achievement of minimum production volumes
  • Sales force support in order to achieve the budget set in the sales campaign
  • Seasonal orders during sales campaigns


7Hype is the first structure in Italy in the Engagement & Loyalty field to boast integrated platforms with Marketing Automation and Artificial Intelligence in one single solution.

In order to explain 7Hype’s activity, first we must define its three divisions.


7Hype Marketing Automation: Marketing Automation entails all those activities, technologies and processes that help companies reach their appropriate target with the right message at the right time (online). These processes span over three stages: Monitoring of behavioural data, Segmentation of collected data into Big Data and Automation.
7Hype Loyalty & Engagement: Integrated marketing solutions that allow companies to win the loyalty of their clients, boost the sales force and incentivise and reward trade upon virtuous behaviours.

All solutions are completely managed in full service.


7Hype Loyalty & Engagement’s services are focused on different offers:

  • Loyalty Programmes: programmes aimed at rewarding and winning the loyalty of the customer base, promoting the behavioural development of a repeated purchase of a product, a service or a brand.
  • Incentive Programmes: development of projects for the sales force of clients who require them, aimed at stimulating effective and profitable behaviours with the business for which they work.
  • Engagements: development of both insolvency procedures and more articulated programmes aimed at the full sell-out of products, as well as at the creation of a mutual trust relationship between the consumer and the brand.
  • Promo Legal: client support during all the development and management stages of promotional prize contests by offering a turnkey service.


7Hype Conversational Marketing:  7Hype’s division focused on the creation of targeted marketing contents with a high emotional content.


7Hype Conversational Marketing’s services are focused on different offers:


E-MAIL: DEM, Lead Nurturing, Newsletters

BLOG: SEO-oriented articles, useful for the conversion process

MESSAGING: SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram and conversations on main systems

CHATBOT: creation of conversations for consequential chatbots and NLPs

PODCAST: design and creation of audio/visual contents

AI CONTENT: AI-based conversation tools and articles

Salotto di Brera was acquired by Giglio Group in 2021 and boasts a twenty-year experience in placing products in exclusive POS related to travel and leisure worldwide.

Its clients are: cruise ships, ports, airports and embassies.


Cruise ships: Salotto di Brera distributes products on 120 cruise ships and 60 ferries owned by the most important shipping companies worldwide.


Ports: in the Baltic Sea (Saint Petersburg) and in the Caribbean ports of Guadalupe and Martinique.


Airports: in Croatia (Dubrovnik, Pula, Zadar and Split), in Belarus (Minsk), in Uzbekistan (Teshkent) and in Russia (Vladivostock, Kazan and Irkutsk).


Embassies: Salotto di Brera is the authorised distributor of different NATO sites and military bases.

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