23 October to 26 November

Palazzo della Meridiana
salita San Francesco 4-Genova

+39 010 25 41 996




From 23 October to 26 November, Palazzo della Meridiana in Genoa will be hosting the exhibition “IBOX: our 4.0 life”, promoted by Giglio Group. For Giglio Group, what many have defined as the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a radical change in modern existence.

The starting point for the exhibition is the revolutionary 4.0 e-commerce technology pioneered by Giglio Group. For the first time in history, it will be possible to integrate traditional media with online retail platforms; users will be able to make real-time purchases of products seen on TV or video streaming.

From 4.0 e-commerce, the show takes a journey through the digital ecosystem, beginning with the current revolution and continuing to perspectives for a near future – through engaging images and videos – which will mark a momentous socio-economic and cultural transformation, expected to occur over the next five years. It’s an exciting experience, destined to overturn our conventional habits and ways of thinking.

“IBOX: our 4.0 life” is an interactive exhibition that invites involvement on the part of the audience. Not only 4.0 e-commerce, but also virtual research, augmented reality and technological innovation will engage visitors’ interest as they are invited to try out new tools for synchronisation between TV and mobile devices, in a unique opportunity for fusion between user and consumer.

Featured Events

The exhibition is spread over four rooms, and presents a reconstruction of the course of technological development over the past ten years, creating a journey that takes visitors into the near future.

Also planned are debates and seminars on finance, industry, the digital world and fashion. There will be a series of 4 sessions specifically on the question “How will our lives change over the next five years?” with contributions from leading figures in each sector, aimed at stimulating reflection.


6.00 PM
Finance and digital

Moderate Fulvio Giuliani RTL 102,5

  • Andrea Barchiesi, Reputation Manager
  • Fabrizio Barini, Banca Intermonte
  • Giulio Bastia, Banca Finnat Euroamerica
  • Francesco Guidi, JP Morgan Italia
  • Stefano Mele, Carnelutti Studio Legale Associato
  • Hiroyuki Sato, DOCOMO Digital
  • Nicolò Romani, SIA
  • Luca Valaguzza, Euclidea

6.00 PM
Industry and digital (by Istud Top Network)

Moderate Gilda Ferrari from Secolo XIX

  • Stefano Besseghini, AD - RSE
  • Gianluca Bufo, Iren mercato
  • Marella Caramazza, fondazione Istud
  • Luca Chiarito, IBM Europe
  • Francesco Del Porto, Italy Barilla G. e R. F.lli
  • Alessandro Gilotti, Kuwait Petroleum Italia
  • Eleonora Graffione, Consorzio Coralis
  • Marco Morbidelli, Gruppo Angelini
  • Massimo Pessina, Pessina costruzioni e Acque Minerali d'Italia
  • Giovanni Valsecchi, Generale Conserve
  • Giuseppe Zampini, Ansaldo Energia

6.00 PM
Digital in the digital era

Moderate Raul de Forcade from Il sole 24 ore

  • Paolo Barberis, Nana Bianca,
  • Fabio Cannavale, Lastminute.com
  • Andrea Casilini, Eataly.net
  • Franco Cataldo, Eutelsat
  • Lorenzo Maternini, Talent Garden
  • Vincenzo Novari, CK Hutchinson
  • Claudio Orrea, Patrizia Pepe
  • Marinella Soldi, Discovery South Europe

6.00 PM
Fashion and digital

Moderate Silvia Sacchi from Il Corriere della Sera

  • Eric Chan, Secoo.com,
  • Antonio Farini, Max Mara,
  • Andrea Ghizzoni, Tencent
  • Marco Grieco, EY,
  • Andrea Lorini, Chiara Ferragni,
  • Pietro Negra, Pinko
  • Alessandro Santamaria, Giglio Group


Gruppo Giglio

With the patronage of:

Regione Liguria
Comune di Genova

In partnership with:

Banca Finnat
Banca Finnat
Banca Finnat
Banca Finnat
Banca Finnat
Banca Finnat
Banca Finnat
Banca Finnat
Banca Finnat
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