Giglio Group signs multi-year deal with Amazon Media

23 May 2017

(Teleborsa) – Giglio Group has signed a major deal with Amazon in Europe.

Nautical Channel (100% owned by Giglio Group), the world’s only channel devoted solely to sailing and water sports, will also be the only one controlled by an Italian group and broadcast as one of the 25 channels available on the platform in Germany and of the 40 options in the UK upon the launch of Amazon Channels.

The multi-year contract signed with Amazon Media EU is based on revenue share. For Giglio Group, this is an agreement with “maximum strategic importance and enormous prestige”, since Nautical Channel will be the only Italian-owned channel selected for the launch of the Amazon Channels platform in Germany, Austria and the UK, where from 23rd May, it will be available to users of Amazon Prime at a monthly subscription cost of 3.99 euros.


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