Giglio group signed an important partnership agreement with HSE24 s.P.A. For the creation and management of HSE24’s e-commerce

05 November 2019

Milan – November 5, 2019. Giglio Group S.p.A., (Ticker GGTV) (“Giglio Group” or the “Company”) – first ecommerce 4.0 company listed on the STAR market – is glad to announce its new partnership agreement with HSE24 S.P.A., the owner of the namesake TV channel broadcasted on LCN 37 of the digital terrestrial with a programming dedicated entirely to shopping, as well as the e-commerce website at

With this agreement, Giglio Group will become the exclusive provider of HSE24’s e-store, and will manage and create in complete outsourcing of the e-commerce platform, as well as its subsequent connection with the world’s main marketplaces. Giglio Group will be managing the totality of HSE24’s digital sales, which generated about € 20 million worth of sales.

Moreover, Giglio Group will become the provider of famous brands’ clothing products and accessories, which will be distributed by HSE24 in the weekly programme called the “Boutique delle Firme” (the Brands’ Boutique).

Lastly, given its experience in the Luxury and Fashion sector, Giglio Group will be providing clothing products and accessories for the “Private Label” clothing collections, which will be created exclusively for HSE24. It is noted that in 2018, HSE24’s Private Label sector alone recorded revenues of more than € 11 million.

Alessandro Giglio, CEO of Giglio Group, declared: “Our agreement with HSE24 is paramount both for quantitative and qualitative reasons. It is a very complex agreement that turns Giglio Group in the exclusive provider and manager of the channel’s whole e-commerce platform, as well as in the provider of significant volumes of clothing products and accessories too. This entails a great commitment for our company, not only due to the business volume (which in 2018 reached about € 20 million for the e-commerce sector and € 11 million for the Private Label one), but mainly due to the complexity of providing distributional support for all of HSE24’s products digitally, fully and on the world’s most important marketplaces. We are glad to have gotten a chance to face this new adventure in the best possible way. Considering the recent transfer of Terashop, a company which has gained extensive experience in its many years of past and ongoing collaboration with Mediashopping, we believe that these skills, together with our know-how in the clothing sector and in the marketplaces, can make for a unique and irreplaceable offer for HSE24. We expect this agreement not only to increase our turnover, but also HSE24’s and, more importantly, to contribute to the increase of the e-commerce’s incidence on the new client’s sales total. We are sure that our contribution will help HSE24 to increase its focus on the digital market”.