Metaverse and NFT: the new business unit "Giglio Meta" dedicated to the development of metaverse and NFT projects, is now operative

12 January 2022

Giglio Group S.p.A. , company listed on the MTA-STAR segment of Borsa Italiana S.p.A., after an year of intense work and important investments, has opened up its new business unit “Giglio Meta” dedicated to Metaverse and NFT projects. In 2021, Giglio Group has invested on a intense activity of R&D aimed at integrating the Blockchain with the Group’s proprietary platforms; this activity was completed with great success, giving birth to a new team of specialised professionals that are already allowing Giglio Group to offer to businesses, brands, artists and entities the assistance they need in order to gain access to the three-dimensional space of the Metaverse and of NFTs in many sectors, from Art to Fashion, Sport and Design. Giglio Meta’s team is already operative on all main Metaverses, from Roblox to The Sandbox and Decentraland, and also on the VR experience of Meta Quest Facebook; moreover, the team has become closely integrated with the main NFT platforms such as Open Sea, the leading marketplace of the moment in the world. The operative unit is capable of ensuring the creation of the entire development process of a project, from the specific business sector analysis to the launch of NFTs on the market, besides producing multimedia, three-dimensional contents capable of engaging the user in a virtual experience unique in each Metaverse. According to Chainalysis, in 2021, the global NFT market generated transactions for a value of $ 26.9 billion in cryptocurrencies*; with this specialised business unit Giglio has become the first Italian company completely developed for this futuristic digital segment of the market, also thanks to the experience accrued over these months of study, which is being applied to upcoming projects that will be announced shortly. Alessandro Giglio, President of Giglio Group, says, “NFTs represent the future; being a pioneer in this field today is critical both for gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace and for the endless revenue possibilities. The keys to the success of NFTs lie in giving value to what previously had none and in solving digital needs that have been unattended to for too long. The fields of application are countless and the reasons behind them also: just think of digital art, or creator’s rights; you can now create a digital copy of what you want to sell, such as a single product, a ‘work of art or create collections of thousands of pieces and open a Metaverse where you can display your NFTs. All of this brings with it the decentralization and traceability benefits of using blockchain. We are in the right place, at the right time…and with the right skills.” For any further information related to Giglio Group’s new business unit, you can visit