The rock band Måneskin entrusts the online sales and production of their merchandising to Giglio Group, on a global scale

18 March 2022

Yesterday Giglio Group S.p.A., an e-commerce and NFT company listed on the STAR-Euronext Milan segment of Borsa Italiana S.p.A. (Ticker GG), through its subsidiary IBOX SA, signed an important three-year agreement with Måneskin Empire, the exclusive owner of the image rights of the namesake international iconic rock band, Måneskin, boasting 3 billion streaming views, as well as gold and platinum records collected all around the world. The agreement provides for the development and management of the e-store as well as for the production of the band’s merchandising. More specifically, the services ensured by Giglio Group shall cover the wider range of e-commerce services, from the creation, activation and development of the e-store to international logistics, from store and brand management to customer care and website management (graphic design, promotion and marketing automation). Alessandro Giglio, Chairman and CEO of Giglio Group, declared: “Cooperating with one of the greatest rock bands in the world is a source of great pride and satisfaction for both our Group and our team, which have been working for months on end in order to finalise this amazing project. Today’s news fall in line with our already announced development project: indeed, Giglio Group has been investing for over a year in the new digital and e-commerce frontiers and, now that they have become a reality, we are the firsts to reap the benefits of this sector, with great expectations for the even more important developments of this new, high-potential business unit.”